Vic Gordon Vic Gordon

Vic_NickIn the mid 90’s, Vick Gordon and his son, Nick, started a band called Serious Stuff. Their intention was simply to play the type of music they love ...rock and roll, and play it well. They eagerly began performing at any bar, restaurant or festival that was hiring bands, and it only took one night for the venue and the audience to realize they were experiencing something very special. As the band’s internal drive for perfection and authenticity heightened, their crowds grew larger and more faithful and Fuse began performing at more established and well known locales and events. Rocking from Miami to West Palm Beach, they began building up their reputation and fan base one show at a time. By the late 90's, the foursome had developed a powerful repertoire that provided a full spectrum of rock and popular music for all types of people to enjoy. Thanks to several select venues offering the band steady weekly gigs, Fuse was able to fine tune their performances and reach the professional level of musicianship they had been striving for.

Nick_VicAround the new millennium, Fuse began breaking into the downtown Fort Lauderdale club circuit. Thanks to the ever-faithful Lauderdale locals, the guys were able to play every week non-stop for almost 2 decades now in the downtown area. Fuse has merited and upheld their reputation of being one of the most powerful and professional rock bands around. They continue to raise the bar for premium live rock entertainment all across South Florida with every show they play. By increasing their repertoire and adding new material weekly, the band has accumulated hundreds of great songs that are sure-fire ways to get any crowd up and moving.

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